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We’re a UK-based company designing and building Raspberry Pi Accessories and Kits.

Check out our latest UK designed and built product, the Sleepy Pi 2 – Smart Power Management and I/O Board. It’ll transform your battery-powered Raspberry Pi projects…

We ship worldwide!

Sleepy Pi 2 with Short Pin Header

Introducing Sleepy Pi 2

The original Sleepy Pi was introduced over 2 1/2 years ago and has been doing sterling service ever since, finding it’s way to all four corners of the globe. With the 26-pin connector it is compatible with all models of Raspberry Pi. However, with the introduction of the Raspberry Pi B+ a new 40-pin GPIO

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Image showing a Farwatch Camera

Project: Remote Water Monitoring With A Solar Powered Raspberry Pi

James from Down Under (a Land of Plenty) has build a Remote Camera System for monitoring water supplies for livestock in remote areas of farms, thus saving the farmer a lot of time and travelling. The system wakes up once a day, takes a photo of the water trough, sends it to the farmer and then goes

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Sleepy Pi sitting on a Raspberry Pi A+

Using Sleepy Pi With A Raspberry Pi 2 and A+

It’s been a busy time at the Raspberry Pi Foundation recently, with not one but two new boards released. Firstly the A+ arrived which is an updated Model A, but in a new square form factor and with the extra GPIO that the B+/2 sport. Next was the release of the Raspberry Pi 2 which

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