Anti-gravity Device on Kickstarter

Anti-gravity Experiment

A better view of gravity confirmed by repeated experiments suggests a simpler way to travel through the air, space and the sea.
More testing should produce an upward lift greater than 100% making my device a serious candidate for the little known and little contested $1.3 million Gode Gravity Award.

Kickstarter is runnning a project for an Anti-gravity device.

As mad as a box of frogs.

I would dearly love something like this to work, but I suspect this is not it. I was hoping for a demonstration of this alleged device in the video, but all we get is a rambling monologue. Surely, if you believed you had a invented something like this you’d be singing from the rooftops and the video would be all over it?

Oh well, I wonder if that Death Star project is still running? I’ll head over there and back that instead…

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