Workshop Update: Oct 4th, 2013

It’s been a while since the last update, but that’s not to say there hasn’t been plenty going on in the depths of the Spell Foundry workshop. Here’s a few snippets:

Sleepy Pi

Beta boards are  now out in the wild, later than hoped largely as a result of the volume of documentation that needed to be generated in order for people to be able to test the boards. There’s more to come but as a start and to get a more in-depth flavour of what Sleepy Pi is, here’s some jumping off points:

Sleepy Pi FAQ
Installation and Powering
Setting up the Arduino IDE on Raspbian
Programming from the Arduino IDE
Writing Arduino Code on the Sleepy Pi
Getting the Sleepy Pi to Shutdown the Raspberry Pi
Programming the Sleepy Pi as a Standalone Board

There is another revision of the board in the works, to fix a number of minor issues. I expect there will be a few more uncovered during the Beta testing and these will be rolled into what is hoped will be the Release version, which if we’re lucky may land before the end of the month.

Sleepy Pi Lithium

This is currently sitting on the back seat, largely waiting for the main Sleepy Pi be finalised. Both Sleepy Pi’s include an expansion area and once the exact pinout of this is set following the release of the Sleepy Pi, this will move forward into Beta incorporating any changes and lessons learned along the way.


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