Workshop Update: March, 2014

Sleepy Pi External Programming Cable

The shop has been keeping us fairly busy recently and although we didn’t make a formal announcement, the Sleepy Pi has been in stock and available for a couple of months now. All the issues with the early boards were resolved and along the way the power consumption was lowered even further.

New Product

We’re got a new product for the Sleepy Pi. It’s a external programming adapter that plugs into the stacking header on the Sleepy Pi.

This allows you to host your development away from the Raspberry Pi and onto a PC, Mac or Linux machine. This is especially useful when you are debugging code around shutting down or waking up the Raspberry Pi. When it is self-hosted this can be difficult.

You can also use some third party Arduino debuggers like the one from Visual Micro

New Distributor for Canada

We’re proud to announce as our first distributor in Canada. If you live in North America, you can head over to these guys and get Sleepy Pi’s shipped locally.

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