Project: Remote Water Monitoring With A Solar Powered Raspberry Pi

Image showing a Farwatch Camera

James from Down Under (a Land of Plenty) has build a Remote Camera System for monitoring water supplies for livestock in remote areas of farms, thus saving the farmer a lot of time and travelling.

The system wakes up once a day, takes a photo of the water trough, sends it to the farmer and then goes back to sleep.

Shot from the Remote Camera
A shot from the Remote Camera showing the current water level

The setup uses a Raspberry Pi Model A, camera and 3G modem with the battery being charged from a solar panel. As the system only needs to take one photo a day, a Sleepy Pi is used to wake-up and shutdown the system, thus optimising battery life. The system has been running continuously and autonomously for 6 months now.

There is a full write-up of the prototype here.

Following the success of the trial, James has teamed up with a friend to start producing the next version called Farwatch. It looks amazing and anyone interested should head on over to their launch page and sign up for updates.

Well done James!

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