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SIM3L 1xx-Evaluation board

Ultra Low Power ARM Evaluation kit

I came across this kit from Silicon labs the other day, and rather than just another me-too ARM evaluation board, this one has some very creative features. The BADGER-SiM3L1-EK is about the size of a credit card and what particularly caught my attention was the fact that it runs for up to week from a […]

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Sir Jonathan Ive on Blue Peter

Here’s a great little spot on Blue Peter with the fabulous Sir Jony Ive (we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!!) Blue Peter was required viewing when I was a kid and although I may have replaced “sticky back plastic” with Gaffer tape, it’s still a big part of my Maker DNA.

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The Shop is Open!

We are now officially open and can take orders in the shop. We hope everything works smoothly, but please bear with us (and please let us know) if there’s the odd hitch – We’re still finding our feet a bit. Welcome!

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Cog Drawing

Hello World!

10 PRINT “Hello World!” 20 GOTO 10 …a little programming joke there. Back in the mists of time when computers plugged into your TV and ran BASIC (the inspiration for the Raspberry Pi) we used to go into shops and type that program into the computers, run it and walk away. Of course, in those […]

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