Playstation Bra

Playstation Controller in a Bra

In their performance, The Itagaki Interface, Daniele Hopkins and Kyle Duffield use their own bodies to challenge exaggerated representations of the human body in the fighting game, Dead or Alive, by Tomonobu Itakagi. The game features hyper-feminized and hyper-masculinized bodies in one-on-one combat. From Hopkins Duffield Seriously???? Really??? Not surprisingly this is all in the […]

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Anti-gravity Experiment

Anti-gravity Device on Kickstarter

A better view of gravity confirmed by repeated experiments suggests a simpler way to travel through the air, space and the sea. More testing should produce an upward lift greater than 100% making my device a serious candidate for the little known and little contested $1.3 million Gode Gravity Award. Kickstarter is runnning a project […]

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Zefram Cochrane: First Contact

Warp 10,000 Please Mr Sulu

In a week where we are celebrating the -50 year anniversary of First Contact with Zefram Cochrane on 5th April 2063, it reminds me of another recent story. This one concerns quantum entanglement of particles, which Einstein famously called “spooky at a distance”. A team of Chinese physicists have clocked the speed of spooky action […]

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Basics of Ferrite Beads for Filters, EMI Suppression, Parasitic oscillation suppression / Tutorial

This video discusses the basics of ferrite beads, and their uses for basic filtering applications. It discusses and demonstrates how ferrites act as resistors at high frequencies, and how this is used for EMI/RFI Suppression, improved power supply filtering, parasitic oscillation suppression, and others. This is another fantastic tutorial by W2AEW with great, easy to […]

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The 12 Most Controversial Facts In Mathematics

Mathematics has little surprises that are designed to test and push your mental limits. The following 12 simple math problems prove outstandingly controversial among students of math, but are nonetheless facts. They’re paradoxes and idiosyncrasies of probability. And they’re guaranteed to start an argument or two. If you’re looking for a mathematical way to impress […]

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Drones that Harvest Energy and Live in the Wild

I love this concept, that Drones can harvest energy from power lines and effectively live in the wild. We’ve seen basic BEAM (Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics) robots harvest solar energy, but this adds another dimension. One day if we ever develop artificial intelligence, you can imagine robots like this living in the wild and […]

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