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Sleepy Pi 2 with Short Pin Header

Introducing Sleepy Pi 2

The original Sleepy Pi was introduced over 2 1/2 years ago and has been doing sterling service ever since, finding it’s way to all four corners of the globe. With the 26-pin connector it is compatible with all models of Raspberry Pi. However, with the introduction of the Raspberry Pi B+ a new 40-pin GPIO […]

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PSoC 4

Cypress Launches the PSoC 4 Series Mixed Signal Micros

Cypress Micro has announced the availability of production silicon for the first devices in their ground-breaking PSoC 4 family of ARM Cortex M0 chips. These are backed by the Pioneer development kit, which aside from packing some serious processing at a ridiculously low price, also features connector compatibility with a range of Arduino shields and […]

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Zefram Cochrane: First Contact

Warp 10,000 Please Mr Sulu

In a week where we are celebrating the -50 year anniversary of First Contact with Zefram Cochrane on 5th April 2063, it reminds me of another recent story. This one concerns quantum entanglement of particles, which Einstein famously called “spooky at a distance”. A team of Chinese physicists have clocked the speed of spooky action […]

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