Finding Your Raspberry Pi On The Network From A Mac

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If you’ve booted up your Raspberry PI and are wanting to access it remotely i.e. in a headless setup, then you are likely going to want to use an SSH (Secure SHell). To do this you generally need to know the IP Address of the Raspberry Pi. If like most setup’s, you have router that automatically assigns an IP Address to the Raspberry Pi (which from that point on, is often “Sticky” and doesn’t change. But what is that IP Address?

One thing you can try first off (and if you only have one Raspberry Pi on the network), try this from a Terminal:

      ping raspberrypi.local

If you are lucky you may get a printout of the IP Address of the Raspberry Pi like this:

Pinging the Raspberry Pi on the network

As can be seen the IP Address is

Using NMAP #

If the above method doesn’t work then “nmap” is a great tool to scan the network. It’s not native to the Mac and will need downloading and installation. 

To use to do a search of the local network:

nmap -sP (NB: insert your own local network IP Address range if different)

For example:

Using map to scan the network

As can be seen in the image, there are two Raspberry PI’s on the network at and

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