Using SSH on a Mac

SSH (Secure SHell) is a great way to access a remote or headless Raspberry Pi across a network. It does this via a text terminal (so you are back in the old days!) on your local Mac.

SSH is built into a Mac so there’s no software to install. To setup an SSH session, first launch a Terminal Window. This can be found under Launchpad – > Other:

Accessing the Terminal Application

On launching, you’ll be presented with a command line:

Mac Terminal Window

If you know the IP address of your Raspberry Pi, you can access it like this:

ssh <IP Address of Raspberry PI> -l <username on Rpi> 

For example for an Rpi at IP address

ssh -l pi (assuming you are still using the default user of ‘pi’)

When you first run it you’ll get a message about the “authenticity of the host”. Click ‘yes” to store the key.

Next put in the password (default raspberry).

Here is a typical sequence:

Logged in over SSH

That’s it! You are logged in over an SSH link to the Rpi.

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