Sleepy Pi External Programming Adapter / Serial Console Cable

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External Arduino Programming Cable lets you use a PC or Mac to develop Sleepy Pi Apps

Compatible with Sleepy Pi 1 and Sleepy Pi 2

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External Programming Cable OR RPi Serial Console

Do I need this cable? No. You can develop code, debug and program the Sleepy Pi or Sleepy Pi 2 from your Raspberry Pi quite happily…

But there are times when you think:

“Do you know what? why am I waiting for the RPi to compile and upload my code? I’ve got that nutter fast PC in the corner, couldn’t I use that?”

“I’d like to debug my code whilst I’m shutting down / booting up my Raspberry Pi” 

If you are doing any serious code-smithing on your Sleepy Pi, then this is the tool for you.

Host Your Development On Another Machine

Run the Arduino IDE on your fast PC / Mac / Linux box and download the code direct to the Sleepy Pi.

Serial Console For Raspberry Pi

The Board has two jumper positions:

  • DBG
  • TERM

When in “DBG” the communication link connects a computer (PC /Mac / Linux) to the Sleepy Pi. This is the standard programming mode and allows you to program and debug Arduino code on the Sleepy Pi.

When in “TERM” the communication link is from the computer to the Raspberry Pi. In this configuration the you can log into the Raspberry Pi via the serial terminal. 


  • PC / Mac / Linux compatible
  • USB – plugs into your computers USB port
  • Speed up your development
  • Debug even when you RPi is off
  • Standalone – run you Sleepy Pi all on it’s lonesome – no Raspberry Pi needed
  • Serial Console – Access the Linux Console over s serial link

What’s in the Bag?

  • Programming and Serial Console PCB
  • USB Cable


Programming from the Arduino IDE
Programming the Sleepy Pi as a Standalone Board

Cable Drivers from here

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