Sleepy Pi External Programming Adapter

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External Arduino Programming Cable lets you use a PC or Mac to develop Sleepy Pi Apps

Compatible with Sleepy Pi 1 and Sleepy Pi 2

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External Programming Cable

Do I need this cable? No. You can develop code, debug and program the Sleepy Pi or Sleepy Pi 2 from your Raspberry Pi quite happily…

But there are times when you think:

“Do you know what? why am I waiting for the RPi to compile and upload my code? I’ve got that nutter fast PC in the corner, couldn’t I use that?”

“I’d like to debug my code whilst I’m shutting down / booting up my Raspberry Pi” 

If you are doing any serious code-smithing on your Sleepy Pi, then this is the tool for you.

Host Your Development On Another Machine

Run the Arduino IDE on your fast PC / Mac / Linux box and download the code direct to the Sleepy Pi.

  • PC / Mac / Linux compatible
  • USB – plugs into your computers USB port
  • Speed up your development
  • Debug even when you RPi is off or booting
  • Standalone – run you Sleepy Pi all on it’s lonesome – no Raspberry Pi needed