Target Electronics Kit

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Target Kit electronics.

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This is a great Saturday afternoon or weekend project, simple to build yet sophisticated in operation. It can be run in multiple modes from simple shoot and hit to timed aperture when you can only hit the target after a user settable time delay. You can even remotely trigger the active aperture from another device such as an Arduino. With multiple targets you can setup an Electronic Target Range (ETR). Use a Target as a Shooting trigger for other equipment.


  • Use with Nerf gun disk, pellets or BB guns
  • Easy to build even for absolute beginners
  • Always active, but with long battery life
  • 3 modes:
    • Default Hit mode
    • Timed Shooting mode
    • Remote Triggering mode
  • Visual and audible hit feedback
  • Can Output a Trigger to initiate external equipment
  • Customisable: roll your own code

Kits Contents

  • Electronic Target PCB and components

Parts List
Electronic Construction
Mechanical Construction
Target Design
Target Modification
Target FAQ



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