Sleepy Pi Beta Test

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The lithium RTC battery is size 1632 (The Royal Mail in the UK have classed lithium batteries as hazardous and will not carry them, otherwise the Beta boards would have shipped with them).

Pending Changes to Rev E board

  • Redo size of text / clarity on Silk screen. Text currently not legible.
  • R7 and R8 copper fill doesn’t go to 0V.
  • C12 doesn’t go to 0V.
  • Centre Mounting hole standoff fouls with the battery holder.
  • Better component clearance around mounting holes. Look at having annular rings on the holes.
  • Optimise routing to improve analogue performance. WARNING: pinout of Expansion headers may change.
  • Consider a pulldown resistor on the RaspPi GPIO24 (Cmd_PI_Shutdown). If code is not running on the Arduino, it can float and trigger shutdown from the RaspPi shutdown script.

Code Examples

  • ButtonOnOff updated on Github.
  • WakeOnPin example added which shows how to use other GPIO pins from the normal INT0 & 1 to wake up the Arduino from sleep.


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