Target Mechanical Construction

Tools Required

To complete the mechanical build you will need a couple of things:

  • Allen keys
  • Sellotape or double sided-tape

If you can’t find any allen keys, don’t worry as you can easily finger tighten all the screws.

Step 1 – Mount the Paper Holder

Exploded view of the Paper Holder
Paper Holder exploded view
Image of Paper Holder
Paper Holder

Take the perspex Target Plate and the Paper Holder and remove any protective film. Use two M4x16mm socket heads and four washers and attach the Holder to the Plate as shown.

Step 2 – Mount the Base

Exploded view of the Target base
Base exploded view
Assembled Base

Take the perspex Base Plate, remove any protective film and slot it into the Target Base. Place the large UNC captive nut into the hexagonal shaped hole in the Base Plate and hold in place with the Retaining Plate. Secure this with two M3x16mm socket head screws along with two washers and two M3 nuts as shown.

Step 3 – Fit the PCB

PCB Attachment
PCB Attachment
Pillar Attachment
Pillar Attachment

Fit the PCB support pillars with four M3x8mm button head screws and M3 washers to the rear of the Target Plate. Fit the PCB onto the top of the pillars using four more M3x8mm button head screws and washers.

Step 4 – Secure the Piezo

Piezo Attachment
Piezo Attachment

Attach the Piezo sensor to the Target Plate. You can use any sticky tape or preferably a small square of double-sided tape. The Piezo can be positioned anywhere on the Plate, but a good place tends to be just below the PCB. Make sure the sensor is securely attached as this will ensure good sensitivity.

Step 5 – Fit the Tripod

Tripod Attachment
Tripod Attachment

To fit the tripod, first detach the screw assembly from the tripod by pressing the button on the top of the tripod. Now screw this part onto the base of the Target as shown. On some tripods you may find it better to remove the rubber gasket from around the screw, which will allow a more solid contact with the Target. Once attached the main tripod can then be slotted in and out of the base of the Target.

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