Target Parts List

Electronic Parts

Image showing the electronic parts
Electronic Parts

Reference Value Description
R1 1M Resistor
R2,R3 470R Resistor
C1 100uF Electrolytic Capacitor
C2 10nF Ceramic Capacitor
D1 10mm Bi-colour LED
D2,D3 BAT85 Schottky Diodes
D4 BZX79-C2V7 Zener Diode
U1 PIC12LF1822-I/P Microcontroller
BAT1 20mm Coin cell Holder
BUZ1 17mm Mini Buzzer
P1 27mm Piezo Disk
BATTERY 2032 Coin Cell

Mechanical Parts

Round Target Mechanical Parts
Round Target Parts
Rectangular Target Mechanical Parts
Rectangular Target Parts

Quantity Description
8 M3x8mm Button head
2 M3x16mm Socket head
2 M4x16mm Socket head
2 M4 Wingnut
4 M4 Washer
10 M3 Washer
2 M3 Full Nut
1 1/4-20 UNC Nut
1 Target Plate
1 Target Base Plate
1 Target Paper Holder
1 Target Retainer Plate
1 Tripod

Target Electronic Construction

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