Target Usage


The Target board comes pre-programmed with a default set of functionality. It is possible to reprogram the micro controller with your own code, see the modification page for more details.

Modes of operation

The Target is designed to offer as much flexibility as possible in a simple board. It has 3 basic modes of operation:

  • Default Hit mode
  • Timed Shooting mode
  • Remote Trigger Mode

Normal Hit Mode

This mode is the normal resting state of the target. In this mode the target is in a very low power sleep waiting for a shot to come in. When a hit occurs the target will “beep” and flash the LED green.

Timed Shooting Mode

In this mode the target can be setup to be active after a variable time limit. When used with multiple targets, this can be used to set up a form of target range.

Target timing infographic
Progress of the Target during timed operation

To set the wait time:

  1. Press and hold button and wait for the buzzer to “beep”
  2. Continue to hold the button for the desired number of “beeps”. Each beep represents around 5 seconds of wait time.
  3. Release button when desired wait has been set. Wait is now stored and will be the new default time until over-written.
  4. Press and release (<1 sec) the button to begin the timer. The LED will flash Red to indicate that timing is in progress.
  5. To Cancel timing press the button (<1 sec again) and the Timing will immediately advance to the Pre-Active phase

When using multiple Targets:

  1. Setup each target to the desired time
  2. Press all the buttons to start all the timers.

Remote Trigger Mode

This mode is similar to timed shooting mode, except that instead of using the on-board switch to set / trigger the Target, a remote cable and switch can be used. This allows for command activation via the remote switch or via an external circuit i.e. an Arduino Target controller.

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